Never mind
The bollocks...

Why We're Here

Calville blanc apple aromas. Sacred top notes. Wild floral characters. Unicorn farts.

Yadda, yadda. Let’s be honest. When it comes to fragrance, you want to know, does it smell good? So we’ll tell you what fragrances smell like with words that make sense.

But answering that simple question, with the overwhelming amount of scents on the market is hard. There’s too much choice. And doing it in-store (if that ever happens again) is just not fun. So we’ve created Hoohaa to help you do just that.

Fragrance by subscription helps you discover and test new scents over a longer period of time in a much nicer place - your home.

Our brand partners all have an individual story to tell, just like our customers do. And it’s our job to make the connection between those two sides.

With crystal clear descriptions, simple labelling and our feet planted firmly on the ground, we’re chucking out the hoohaa and meaningless drivel.

We’ve assembled a range of awe-inspiring, artisanal and niche fragrances.

Celebrating expert craftsmanship, adventurous combinations and undying passions.

We’ll help you decide which one is right for you. When. And why.

Here’s to fine fragrances. Without the bollocks.


Founder's Note

Lorenzo - a career spent in the digital industry, working in strategy and business development. Enough time to recognise a category ripe for disruption and re-orientation around customers. And an unhealthy interest in all things fragrance related, from personal, to home. Starting HOOHAA is the chance to combine a passion and a business.

Ryan - has spent his career working with brands to create customer experiences that count. All of the brands he’s worked with, from Channel 4 to first direct, have had a personality that shines through, adding value to the end consumer. For him HOOHAA is a chance to bring his love of fragrance, that got serious over 20 years ago with Comme des Garcon ‘2’, with an experience that means something to its customers.

The QCQ - How we select partners

The QCQ is how we decide which brands we’d like to stock on HOOHAA. It stands for Quality, Culture and Quantities.

Quality - Are these good perfumes? Do they feel like complete, considered work? Do they make sense narratively? Do they evoke a response? Are they aesthetically pleasing and a joy to use? There’s a lot we take into consideration because we want you to experience some bloody great perfumes.

Culture - The culture of the brands we work with is very important to us. We want to work with and support brands we feel are putting good out into the world that goes beyond smelling good.

Quantities - Smaller, independent brands are doing some of the most adventurous work in perfumery. There’s also an inherent sustainability tied to their work because of the small quantities they produce. Sustainability is important to us.