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Just getting started? well here you go!

You need Easy Does It. Our range of easily wearable yet interesting fragrances that will turn heads.

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Ready to try something new? This is for you!

You'll love Buckle Up, with fragrances that will set your pulse racing. Or perhaps someone else's.

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Renews at £14.95 per month

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Want something a bit more out there?

Take Me To Mars is your selection of truly adventurous and more challenging fragrances.

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Questions? We've got answers

When will I get my perfume?
Within 3-5 days from your subscription creation / renewal date. Your renewal date will be on or around the day of the month you originally signed up. We’ll email you each time we dispatch your orders.

How much is delivery?
There's no extra cost for your monthly subscription delivery.

How much perfume do I get for my money?
There's more than enough for 3-4 daily sprays for a month (10ml). We'll only send you high end, luxury scents from the best independent perfumers around the world, and it always works out cheaper per ml than full size bottles. Found one you love? As a subscriber, you'll get 10% off* full size bottles in our online shop, too!

What perfumes I will receive / can I choose them?
Our experts do the hard yards curating the best luxury scents worth trying, so you don't have to. Simply pick an Edit that fits your level of adventurousness, and we'll do the rest. Our members tell us this is the best way to discover hidden treasures they wouldn't have found on their own. For examples of our past selections, check out Past Drops.

Can I pause or change my subscription?
Yes! You're in control. Login to your account to swap or add extra edits, pause or cancel. Or, just email us at

What Edit is right for me?
We’ve organised our Edits by how adventurous you are with scent.

Easy Does It is for those that don’t like to take too many risks with their scents.

Buckle Up is for those prepared to shake things up a bit and be slightly challenged.

Take Me to Mars is for those brave folk who want to push boundaries in scent.

We think this still leaves more than enough room for unexpected surprises, without pigeonholing you into one type of scent. Don’t forget, you can swap between these Edits at any time, by signing in to your account.

Oh no, it's the end of the list and I have another question...
We'd love to chat with you! Click on our chat button in the bottom right of this page, and let us know what's on your mind.

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